We design unique and high quality models

without ever neglecting attention to the environment, we adopt eco-sustainable choices as part of a lifestyle.

We believe that to remain competitive it is essential to experiment

We accept new challenges to improve day after day, starting projects capable of leaving their mark.

We take care of the design, from production to shipping.

We guarantee assistance in every phase of theproduction process which all happens internally.

Be part of eyewear world

Design your collection with us.

Italian Eyewear Manufacturers

acetate waste

We look forward to the green ideals,looking especially at the future: we study new processes to use the acetate waste for the production of new eyewear.


In Basilicata nature is slow, there is no rush, and we have decided to use our time to make something unique and original, which lasts over time.

Solar panels

We produce from us the electricity of which we need, we only use recycled water and low environmental impact materials

working with passion

We use only the best raw materials, from acetate plates and metal, hinges, lenses.

Just Italian Eyewear Manufacturers.

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