1955 Italian Eyewear Factory has two souls:

  • it’s a manufacturer for third parties, and
  • an own brand producer

It takes care of every single phase of creating eyewear, from the design to the choice of materials, from assembly to the final inspection and shipment.

It also designs it’s two collections, OA and PRIMUS. The first is aimed at a refined adult audience, while the second is the line dedicated to the young. 

 All 1955 Italian Eyewear Factory frames last over time because they are made with the best quality raw materials: only the best materials get the best results. Exclusivity is an integral part of our frames which can be customized to customers specifications. 

Our high-level contemporary craftsmanship comes from the every-day work of skilled and precise hands, with over 30 years of experience in the sector, flanked by the digital skills of young dynamic staff using the latest technologies such as 3D printers, scanners, lasers and software. 

In this way we obtain perfect shapes, which surpass the usual quality standards, but we can still produce up to 250 frames per day. 

The model you choose remains unique as we produce in limited quantities to guarantee handmade eyewear. 

The reputation of our clients is the first guarantee for a product with Italian style and service. By listing our suppliers, you can see the quality of the eyewear that 1955 Italian Eyewear Factory will produce for you.