Eyewear production is itself not sustainable. But we can compensate for and measure the scope of our environmental impact.

First of all we produce in limited quantities to avoid warehouse stocking and wasteful leftovers. In a system where many brands spend billions of euros in row material, our objective is to interrupt this cycle permanently. We at 1955 Italian Eyewear Factory plan our eyewear thinking about functionality and elegance: this makes our products long lasting and evergreen. 

All our articles are made in Basilicata (Southern Italy). Producing everything in our factory ensures that our quality is consistent. In our work we are constantly committed to respect the environment. Our packaging is eco-sustainable and compliant to the best environmental management system.

All the electricity we use comes from our solar production. We only use recycled water and low environmental impact materials, such as cellulose acetate, obtained from wood fibre, and cotton fibres, which ensure an high resistance and elasticity material, whose substance and colour does not deteriorate over time, is not inflammable, and non-toxic. 

At present we are studying new processes to use acetate waste to produce new eyewear, and so reduce unused materials and produce less waste.