Fashion changes all the time: from minimalism to baroque styles, always in search of novelty, always trying to amaze. 1955 Italian Eyewear Factory has decided to allow ourselves the luxury of time. In Basilicata the rhythm of life and nature move slowly, there is no rush, and we use our time to make eyewear that is unique and original and lasts over time. 

We want to amaze you with the beauty of our designs, refined and elegant, and with our quality. The heart and imagination devise works of art, but it takes knowledge and patience to turn these designs into reality, hands to cut, smooth and polish the materials: it takes time! 

We have invested locally, creating in the Basilicata a highly professional reality, where time still has its value, and waits for the flower to become fruit. 

1955 Italian Eyewear Factory creates models destined to last over time and to be collectors’ pieces. We create customized glasses, taking care of the design, from production to shipping and guarantee assistance at every stage of the production process. Our aim is to innovate while maintaining a classic elegance.

We believe that to remain competitive it is essential to experiment, accept new challenges to improve day after day, and devise projects capable of leaving their mark.